Dependability. Reliability. Loyalty. Commitment.

Forteck was founded by Branden Soroka in 2016 and purchased the company assets of TDS Forestry (est. 1992) in 2019. We employ 27 people on average, majority of which are RPFTs, RFT’s, RPF’s, Pbio, or HRPA. Our team combined has over 185 years of industry experience.


We always strive to complete a quality job on every project we partake in. Forteck is COR certified. The health, safety and wellbeing of all those that work with us are of top importance. 

Our "Forteck" name originated from the program Branden took at NAIT Forest Technology, “Fortech.” Employees here at Forteck specifically enjoy turning problems into solutions, knowing that the more answers provided, the more successful our clients will be and in turn, the company.

Here at Forteck, our primary values allow us to complete all projects and daily routines to the fullest of our abilities. Our goal is to become an industry leader in forestry and environmental services across western Canada while offering dependable, reliable service.

By creating a friendly workforce, our mission is to provide unlimited opportunities for our employees leading to ultimate success within the Forteck Company. We are proud to say that we are both very loyal and committed to the growth and development of our team both in the field and at home.

"I really try to promote to our staff that they can become anything they want to become if they put the mind to it.  I enjoy mentoring employees into a position of power should they have the desire to grow with us. Innovation and continuous investment in our team is what it’s all about."
Branden Soroka - Forteck CEO & President 

Accept responsibility 

Take Initiative 

Go the

extra mile

Do the right things

be disciplined

Lead by example





Working for Forteck has been a great experience so far. I get to work independently in some amazing wilderness on my own schedule. All my managers and supervisors are well knowledged and are always willing to help and offer advice.


They provided me with tools and information to work safely as well as utilizing high-end equipment and software to make the job easier and more efficient. Forteck is very open to opinions and ideas from staff that can improve safety or productivity and they include you in the process so you know your opinion matters.


My time so far with Forteck has been a blast. You get to work with some good people and make some great memories. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking to make a competitive income and enjoy the outdoors.


About Forteck

 Our founder, Branden Soroka, grew up in the outdoors as a young child starting with snowmobiling and checking traps on his grandfather's trapline. Branden learned the ropes of the forest industry...




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