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Association of Alberta Forest Management Professionals (AAFMP)

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

December 8th, 2020 | Authors: The Forteck Team


Curated information is derived from a combination of Forteck crew members with first-hand experience and verified online sources or government sites. We work very hard to provide quality educational information relevant to the forestry industry to promote forestry and the great things foresters can do. Please let us know if you find any misinformation and we will correct it immediately. It takes a village to educate! Thank you for reading and working together in further teaching people about forestry. #forestryproud


What is AAFMP?

AAFMP was established July 1st, 2019 with the merging of the College of Alberta Professional Foresters (CAPF) and the College of Alberta Professional Forest Technologists (CAPFT). AAFMP is the provincial regulatory body for Alberta’s forest management professionals. They support the continual development of registrants so that all Albertans can benefit from healthy, sustainable forests. source:

Association’s Mandate

The practice of professional forestry is a regulated activity in the province of Alberta. The Regulated Forest Management Profession Act defines the practice of forestry, establishes the Association and requires that individuals must be a member to practice forestry in the province. The Act also stipulates that Council manages and conducts the activities, exercises the rights, powers and privileges and carries out the duties of the Association and carries out the powers and duties of the Council under the Act and bylaws. The Association must, pursuant to Section 3(1) of the Act:

  • Carry out its activities and govern its regulated members in a manner that protects and serves the public interest.

  • Provide direction to and regulate the practice of the regulated profession by its regulated members.

  • Establish, maintain and enforce standards of practice, registration and continuing competence for the practice of the regulated profession.

  • Establish, maintain and enforce a code of ethics.

  • Carry on the activities of the Association and perform other duties and functions by the exercise of the powers conferred by the Act.

Strategic Goals

AAFMP established a Strategic Plan on August 27th, 2019. In this Strategic Plan, they've outlined a series of strategic goals to achieve their vision statement: Forest stewardship is practiced by regulated professionals who endeavour to maintain the highest professional standards of practice and levels of competence.

  • Demonstrate Self-reliance

  • Expand Knowledge of Mandatory Registration and Associated Obligations

  • Improve Engagement with Stakeholders

  • Improve Communications

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