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How to Survive Bad Weather in the Bush

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

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Let's face it, the weather lately has been crappy. 

Below our crew has outlined some tips and tricks to survive bad weather in the bush.

"I wear Dakota waterproof bush pants they are great because they don’t rip and keep you somewhat dry." Forteck CEO - Branden Soroka

"Always carry an extra blanket in your vehicle regardless of the season! You never know when you may have to wait for help and what weather will be thrown at you" Forteck Safety Coordinator - Cathy Wolf

"Always keep extra water for hydration in vehicle or quad" Forteck Equipment Manager - Trevor Lorencz

"Always keep a dry fire starter. Have a satellite phone in case you're out of service" Forteck Vice President - Mark Moyer

"Can’t forget the Deet!" Forteck Administration - Kyli Vandemark

"Remember where I parked quad/vehicle paying attention to different landmarks that stand out to me and in which direction just in case something happens to my phone and have to find way out using only memory or compass." Forteck Forestry Technician - Thomas Rothenbush

Here are a few more tips to add to the list:

  1. Carry spare gloves and socks in a ziplock in your cruise vest and swap out when you get wet or start to get cold. 

  2. Rubber boots with gators. 

  3. Spare clothing in a waterproof bag in quad box for the ride home or to change gear partway through the day.

  4. Always have a contact plan wether it’s a certain time of day or in a few days.


THE CONTENT IN OUR WEEKLY EMAIL IS CURATED BY FORESTERS FOR FORESTERS. Curated information is derived from a combination of Forteck crew members with first-hand experience and verified online sources or government sites. We work very hard to provide quality educational information relevant to the forestry industry to promote forestry and the great things foresters can do. Please let us know if you find any misinformation and we will correct it immediately. It takes a village to educate! Thank you for reading and working together in further teaching people about forestry. #forestryproud

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