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Timber Dues in British Columbia

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

November 17th, 2020 | Authors: The Forteck Team


Curated information is derived from a combination of Forteck crew members with first-hand experience and verified online sources or government sites. We work very hard to provide quality educational information relevant to the forestry industry to promote forestry and the great things foresters can do. Please let us know if you find any misinformation and we will correct it immediately. It takes a village to educate! Thank you for reading and working together in further teaching people about forestry. #forestryproud


Timber Pricing

Timber Pricing in B.C. involves setting stumpage rates, measuring the timber and billing for stumpage and forecasting forest revenue.

The Timber Pricing Branch is responsible for translating broad government direction into specific timber pricing policies and procedures and serves as the interface between government, the forest sector and the public on a broad range of matters relating to timber pricing.

Timber pricing involves appraising the value of timber, setting stumpage rates, measuring the timber and billing for stumpage and forecasting forest revenue. Stumpage is the fee paid to the government for timber harvested from Crown land.


Stumpage is a fee that businesses or individuals pay when they harvest timber from Crown land in B.C.

Stumpage is a payment for use of a public natural resource and is not the same as logging tax. The money raised by stumpage is used to fund vital social services such as education and health care, and is sometimes shared with First Nations communities under forest consultation and revenue sharing agreements.

If you harvest, purchase or sell timber from Crown land, you must ensure the timber volumes are reported.

The amount of stumpage you pay is based on the timber volumes, species and grades you report and the stumpage rates for your timber. If applicable, the bid you made for your timber licence will be calculated into your stumpage.

You can look up stumpage rates using the Harvest Billing System.

Any business or individual that holds an agreement to harvest, or that purchases or sells timber from Crown land in B.C. can be audited.

For information on Stumpage Appraisal Parameters (Coast): CLICK HERE

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