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Tree Planting in the Forestry Sector

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

"A lot of planters enjoy the work because they want to be apart of future forests. It’s rewarding, and they can make good money, $400-$600 a day if you are fast." Branden Soroka | Forteck CEO & Founder

Tree Planting from the perspective of a professional forestry team 83 Billion Trees were Planted on 2018 - That's a lot of Green

Here at Forteck, we're pretty excited to be apart of Forestry sustainability and forestry reclamation in western Canada. Did you know: in 2018 alone, Alberta forest companies planted 83 million trees. Companies have planted nearly 2 billion trees over the last 20 years. [1]

We know this doesn't need to be said, but TREE PLANTING IS IMPORTANT. The perks of a flourishing forest are endless. Trees absorb harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide and release clean oxygen, making Canada one of the most beautifu places to live. On top of that, the forest is a wildlife sanctuary for various animals and insects, offering shelter, and nutrients to survive. 

For the people looking to get into tree planting, we asked one of our Forteck Tree planters what their job looked like on a day-to-day basis.

They start their day by waking up in the company house, loading up the truck and getting ready with all the equipment & food they'll need for the day then drive to site. Once the Argos are unloaded, they have their tailgate meeting where they sign off on safety forms and ensure everyone is healthy and fit for the days' work ahead.

On a planting job, our Forteck Tree planters slide on their Dunlop boots, safety vests, and buckle canvas sacks around their hips. They put a couple of hundred seedlings in these sacks, walk through the tall grass, and water with a small shovel, making incisions in the ground, putting the seedlings in the hole with their hands making sure all the roots are fully submerged in dirt.

Tree planting is needed to reforest sites back to their original state according to government standards, such as Urban development, forest fires, tree harvesting, Oil & Gas plants, and mining. Sustainability is our primary goal, keeping our world beautiful and our industry workers employed.

Here's a few tree planter tips from Forteck Tree Planters:

  1. Take the path of least resistance. This helps a person figure out where they should be going. On a very small scale, the least resistance includes where you should dig your hole, where you should put your next footsteps to where you should put your next couple steps. Efficiency is key in this industry and being smart about your next moves makes a world of difference. 

  2. Don’t be afraid of water. There’s a lot of new forestry people that are afraid of water but it comes with the territory. Don't be afraid, make sure your equipment is dry and you're aware of your surroundings. 

  3. Make sure all the roots are in the ground. If the roots are exposed, this stands a good chance to kill the tree.

  4. Always pay attention to the type of medium you're working with. Sometimes if you plant a certain species it might not like moist soil or dry soil. Look for specific sites according to species.

  5. Patience in the bush is vital to the long term development in the trade. You can't be expecting yourself to keep up with everybody else right away. Occasionally, new planters push themselves really hard and they push themselves in the wrong ways, working inefficiently, and not taking the time not think about what they’re doing. Take your time, do the job properly the first time around.

"From arborists, to loggers, to researchers, the job opportunities provided by the forestry industry are endless. We don’t just rely on trees for work; sustainable tree farming provides timber to build homes and shelter, and wood to burn for cooking and heating. Food-producing trees provide fruit, nuts, berries, and leaves for consumption by both humans and animals, and guarantee health and nutrition." [2]





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