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All About Forteck with Branden Soroka

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Forteck has come a long way in the last few years of business. Our founder & CEO, Branden Soroka, talks all about Forteck, its services and more information about the company.

Branden grew up in the forest industry with his dad being a forestry consultant and contractor since 1992, primarily in northern Alberta and north-central Alberta. He would often see him leaving early before light, out to the field and coming back well after dark, the typical life of working in the industry. From a young age, Branden could remember his dad being gone for multiple months at a time throughout the years, and that transitioned into Branden having an interest in the industry seeing how hard he worked and what he did throughout his career. From high school, Branden began to pursue his career in forestry, attending NAIT in Edmonton to get his Forestry Technician diploma, becoming registered with AAFMP and is now an RPFT in Alberta. In 2016, Branden started Forteck Enviro Inc. and has been actively pursuing his company growth since then. Forteck's mission is to deliver top-notch forestry and environmental services across western Canada that focus on quality, accuracy, and safety. Branden's vision for Forteck is to provide exceptional services to thousands of foresty and environmental organizations across North America with over 1800 employees to generate over $400 million in annual revenue. Forteck Core Values:

  • Excellence

  • Impact

  • Accountability

  • Intentional

  • Alignment

  • Discipline

  • Collaboration

  • Solution Based

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