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Women in Forestry with Cathy Wolf

Watch Episode 10 of Industry Talks with Forteck where Cathy Wolf talks about Women in Forestry!

Cathy Wolf is our Forteck Safety Manager with a diploma in Health and Safety from the University of BC and is also a Canadian Registered Safety Technician/Professional (CRST/CRSP). While working with Forteck, Cathy has developed policies & procedures and changed our safety culture within our company, taking our previous safety program and turning it into an award-winning program, having won the Small Contracting Companies Safety Award! We are proud to announce that in the last year and a half, we have had zero loss-time accidents for the Forteck crew thanks to the help of Cathy and her outstanding safety program.

Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty: in 2016, there was only 17% of women in the forestry labour force, putting forestry only above industries such as Construction, Fishing & Hunting, and Trapping. In this episode of Industry Talks with Forteck, Cathy speaks directly to the women of forestry and addresses the fact that things won't be easy in this industry, however, she outlines three key points for success: Hard Work, Preparedness, and Networking. Watch the full video to learn more about tips and tricks for Women in Forestry!

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