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Meet Cathy Wolf | Forteck Safety Coordinator

Updated: Oct 21, 2021


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Meet Cathy!

Meet our Forteck Safety Coordinator, Cathy Wolf! Cathy is aCRST (Canadian Registered Safety Technician), joining our team in November 2019. Cathy graduated from the University of Northern British Columbia with a diploma in Occupational Health and Safety and has several auditor certifications through varying certifying partners. Her experience and expertise within Forteck lays within the safety venue; Building, developing and certifying our safety program. Together with all our Forteck crew members, Cathy has developed our safety program to what it is today.

In Cathy's free time, she enjoys the outdoors; having been fortunate enough to succeed in hunting all big game animals Alberta has to offer. In September of 2020, she was able to successfully close the Super 10 Slam. When we asked Cathy what her favourite part about working with Forteck was, she said,

"I love our team! We complement each other; where one of us may lack another will excel!"
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