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Meet Our Forteck Founder & CEO, Branden Soroka!


Curated information is derived from a combination of Forteck crew members with first-hand experience and verified online sources or government sites. We work very hard to provide quality educational information relevant to the forestry industry to promote forestry and the great things foresters can do. Please let us know if you find any misinformation and we will correct it immediately. It takes a village to educate! Thank you for reading and working together in further teaching people about forestry. #forestryproud

Meet Branden!

Meet our Forteck Founder & CEO, Branden Soroka! Branden is an RPFT (Registered Professional Forest Technologist) with the Alberta Association of Forest Management Professionals, who founded Forteck in January of 2016. Prior to that, he worked for TDS Forestry Contracting, transitioning through the roles of field staff, field supervisor, project manager, safety manager, and operations manager. His passion is business development with an extensive background in forestry, and environmental services across western Canada. Before beginning his Forestry endeavours, Branden worked in the oilfield operating heavy equipment and worked as a carpenter.

In Branden's free time, he enjoys backcountry snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, travelling, working, and spending time with family. When we asked Branden what he loves most about Forteck, he said,

"I believe that Forteck is starting to have a positive impact in the industries we operate in. Forteck offers quality, accuracy, and safety. We are always striving to do our best, and are continually evolving to get better. I enjoy working with industry innovators, great clients, and professional employees. I feel we are just getting started. I have confidence we will one day provide exceptional services to thousands of forestry and environmental organizations in North America, while attracting, retaining, motivating and providing opportunities to great employees."
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