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Meet Jason Wark - Forteck BC Project Manager


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Meet Jason

Jason Wark has been working with our Forteck team as BC Project Manager for approximately 4 months, coming to us with a background in Forestry Technology registered with the Association of BC Forest Professionals (ABCFP). He is highly experienced with multiphase development projects, road engineering in steep terrain including road designs utilizing LiDAR data, as well as waste and residue planning, surveying, and submissions. Jason is also passionate about wildfire protection and prevention as it relates to climate change. How lucky are we to have Jason on our Forteck team!?

In Jason's free time, he enjoys being outside in his garden, riding bikes, hiking, skiing, swimming, and paddle-boarding. He tries to make as much time as he can to spend with his fiancé and two dogs. When we asked Jason what he loves most about working with Forteck, he said;

"I love that I have the freedom to manifest my own success and build a team around me to complete projects to a high-quality standard. My coworkers are supportive and great to work with! I enjoy exploring new areas and learning new things daily in my job."
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