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Meet Mark Moyer - Forteck Integrations Manager


Curated information is derived from a combination of Forteck crew members with first-hand experience and verified online sources or government sites. We work very hard to provide quality educational information relevant to the forestry industry to promote forestry and the great things foresters can do. Please let us know if you find any misinformation and we will correct it immediately. It takes a village to educate! Thank you for reading and working together in further teaching people about forestry. #forestryproud

Meet Mark

Mark Moyer graduated from the NAIT Forest Technology program in 2015 and has been working in the Forestry industry ever since. Currently, his role with Forteck is Integrations Manager. With that, his areas of expertise are:

  • ArcGIS, Data Management and Analysis

  • Project Management in Cutblock Layout

  • Technical Troubleshooting for our team.

Mark has been with the Forteck team since 2017 and it's been such a privilege working with him. Did you know: Mark is the mastermind behind our youtube/podcast series, Forteck Industry Talks? When asked what his favourite part about working with Forteck is, Mark explains,

"I love solving the various problems that arise in working with a newer company. This can be tech issues, procedures, and implementing new employees." In his free time, Mark likes to explore different parts and cultures of the world through travel and research.
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