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Meet our Project Manager, Emily Byvank!


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Meet Emily!

Meet our Forteck Project Manager and member of our Field Staff, Emily Byvank! Emily is a Registered Professional Forester with education from the University of Alberta, having joined our Forteck team roughly 9 months ago. Her main focus throughout her career has been Planning and layout, she's also had exposure to Silviculture (tree planting, post-harvest assessments, surveys, herbicide, tree improvement) and Operations (logging, road reclamation).

Emily's free time depends on how much Cutblock Layout she's been doing! During the busy season of layout, she likes to seek comfort in her spare time by reading, playing music, golfing, and gardening. If she's been more office-based, she likes to be a little more active with activities including hiking, camping, and spending time on the water. Fun fact about Emily, this is her first year of running a marketing gardening business!

When we asked Emily what her favourite part about working with Forteck was, here's what she had to say,

"The flexibility and opportunities. I generally get to choose my own schedule based on what is happening in my personal life. I've also gotten to see some cool new areas in the province and experience different types of work."
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